The Vía Parque Rímac project is a new road construction project to connect in a fast and safe way the Via Evitamiento highway to the Callao Province.





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The Vía Parque Rímac project offers the residents in the area of influence the chance of owning a house with title deeds at no cost.


Río Rímac ha sido encauzado para construcción del Túnel Vía Parque Rímac

La construcción del Túnel debajo del río Rímac como parte de Vía Parque Rímac continúa. Juan Pacheco, gerente de Responsabilidad Social de Lamsac informó que se ha colocado una división que separa el cauce del río Rímac en dos mitades, en una de las cuales se ha encauzado el río para iniciar las excavaciones al otro lado, a fin construir el Túnel Debajo del río Rímac.

Más información

The Tunnel Vía Parque Rímac

In order to preserve the monumental zone of the Historic Centre of Lima, and declared by UNESCO, it was decided to initiate an unprecedented Proyect in Peru: the construction of a tunnel under the River Rimac.

This is one of the major works Rimac Road Park Project. The tunnel is located 200 meters from the Avenida Tacna and runs until the bridge Huanuco. In total, will stretch about 2 kilometers. Will, together with other works that are part of the project, 11 districts and integrate the historic center of Lima.

3D Video Project Vía Parque Rímac

Know what the Project Road Park, the main benefits of the project works and road development of the capital's largest.


Resettlement protocol

1.- Informationn.
2.- Definition of impairment.
3.- Submission of Documentation..
4.- Database.
5.- Legal Sanitation Physical properties.
6.- Taxation private property.
8.- Registration - Families.
9.- Transfer.
10.- Tracking and monitoring.

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Unilateral Declaration of LAMSAC

The company LAMSAC, as dealer Via Parque Rimac Project, recognizes and respects the rights of property and / or possession of the persons whose lands are included within the area corresponding to the stroke Rimac Road Park Project.


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Trazo Vía Parque Rímac

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